Public Service Announcement

Raniersec online gun store is a scam

They take your money then don’t ship anything.

Here are some warning signs to consider:

  • They accept only anonymous gift cards or bitcoin. You might think “well they are just trying to save on credit card fees” but equally you should understand this means you have zero way to get your money back if they don’t deliver
  • Call the phone number, it goes to voicemail
  • They post a picture of a store, but if you google the address 301 Arctic Slope Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99518 and look at street view its an entirely different building
  • Look at the picture of the store. Look closely at the logo, it’s been photoshopped onto the building
Does this look like a real store sign to you?
Not a yellow Alaska license plate

I didn’t do my research properly and I lost money. It was hard to find anything online that warned against using this store. Therefore I have created this site to warn people. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of these people.